Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Of all the Windows versions, Windows XP was my favorite. But, soon, Windows 7 took its place as my favorite. Windows 10 is new and it has already grown on me. I am guessing I will love it as much as XP and 7.

Win10aShould you upgrade to Windows 10?


You should upgrade to Windows 10

There are several reasons why. 1) It is free. 2) It is better than windows 8. But, what about Windows 8.1? Oh, let me explain. Continue reading “Should you upgrade to Windows 10?”

Internet Explorer is still an option in Windows 10

You need to do two things to continue using it as usual:

1) Create a shortcut to it, and
2) Make it the default app.


You need to find the shortcut to Internet Explorer, and put it somewhere convenient. Continue reading “Internet Explorer is still an option in Windows 10”

Why Is My Email Bouncing?

Your email will be delivered successfully if it passes some basic tests. In reality, an email system is complex with hundreds of rules. In this article, I will explain the 5 basic tests an email must pass in order to be delivered to your inbox.

Email delivery path previewThe first test I would like to describe is whether the recipient actually exists. Is this email going to someone who has an email address here? If it is not, there is no need to continue with the rest of the tests. Reject the Continue reading “Why Is My Email Bouncing?”

Firewall Explained

A firewall is necessary to keep you safe on the internet. But what the heck is it and how does it work? Well, if you have known me for any length of time, you would know that I like to explain things in easy to understand analogies. Most likely I have explained something to you in your own language.

Firewall rules are recipes

For example, if you are a cook, I would say something like: “a firewall is like a recipe. A list of ingredients that are allowed in your stew.” Or, if you are a gardener, I’d say, “A firewall is like your weed killer. A substance that suppresses weeds and allows your roses to thrive.”

By now you might start to understand the answer to the question, “What is a firewall?” Continue reading “Firewall Explained”

I am so excited, and why this is not for you

I am excited to be a part of an incredible opportunity to serve more of you than ever before.

Juan's excited about Total ProtectionIn the ten years that I have been in the North Olympic Peninsula I have learned that if you use a wood stove to keep warm you must have wood to burn. I have also learned that a tool such as an axe, is no match for a motorized wood splitter. Do you agree?  In other words, it’s the better fit, more advanced tool that allows you to do more. That is why I am so excited.

I am excited to have a new tool in my arsenal. A tool that leverages my 10+ years of higher education (okay, not all in one sitting!).  I did go to school for my field and excelled at it. I am talking about a tool that takes my $30,000 of education and makes it worth a million bucks.

My point is YOU are the beneficiary of my service, education, and experience. And that is why I am so excited!

Here are some reasons why my new offering may not be for you: Continue reading “I am so excited, and why this is not for you”