Magnify Your Screen to Read Fine Print

Windows Key + (Plus or Minus)

I learned this one trick just recently.  Use the magnifier to see the screen bigger.

Not to long ago one of my customers bought a new “big” screen TV to use as a monitor. His reason was to be able to read better.  Unfortunately, as the monitors got bigger, the pixels (light dots that make up the text and graphics) became smaller.  The tighter dots on the screen made text appear smaller. Continue reading “Magnify Your Screen to Read Fine Print”

Internet Cookies: Are They Bad for Your Health?

Internet Cookies
Cookies are not bad for your health. Unless you eat too many.

If you are concerned with privacy over the Internet, you might have come across a concept we call a cookie.

Many websites use cookies to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Others use them to track advertising performance and to pay commissions when a sale is generated.

Either way, your privacy is safe. Allow me to dispel some misconceptions of Internet cookies. Continue reading “Internet Cookies: Are They Bad for Your Health?”

How to Post Perfect Posts

Hand typing last post of the year
Writing my last post of the year

Perfection is unattainable. No matter how much we try we will always fall short of perfection. It’s our nature. (Romans 3:23)

The trick for posting perfect posts is not to post perfect posts. Simple.

Do you strive for perfection? I do.

My wife always wants me to post articles that are perfectly written. She wants me to cross all my eyes and dot all my teas — the write spelling wood be nice two. Continue reading “How to Post Perfect Posts”