How to Keep Inbox 100 Percent Spam Free

There are 4 steps to keep your INBOX spam free.

In order to keep ALL spam out of the inbox you must think opposite to what seems logical. Most people think that by “blocking” the emails as the come in, it will stop the spammer from sending more.

Blocking someone only works if the person you are trying to block is a single user some one like you and me. Unfortunately, spammers don’t play fair. Continue reading “How to Keep Inbox 100 Percent Spam Free”

How to get out of FAKE virus infection


People. It is a waste of your time to call that number or any like it.

IT IS NOT TRUE. There is no problem with your computer.You have landed on a web page specifically designed to trick you into calling a Fake tech support professional. Who by a few magical clicks of the mouse, will “fix” your computer.

$600 and 2 hours later, after “they” make you feel afraid for your life, you will be angry. You will feel stupid and degraded once you find out you have been taken.

Save Yourself Some Frustration

The fix costs $0. Here it is:

1) hit the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] keys, all once.

2) Select “Task Manager” from the list.

Admin System Menu
3) Right-click on the name of your browser.
4) Left-click “End Task”

Close the task manager when the “warning” web page has closed.

Enjoy your computer.

Your next steps:

Friend, I wrote this quick tutorial for you because I am tired… no, tired is not the word. Angry! That’s the word.

I wrote this because I am angry that Overseas Tech Support Shops are using unethical business practices to drum up business.  Instead of providing value to their customers and building a relationship of trust first then asking for a value added transaction, they resort to taking them hostage and extort money from them.

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Windows Live Mail Support Ends Jan-17

wlmThe rumors are true… Microsoft will drop support for Windows Live Mail early next year. What does it mean for you? If you are using Windows Live Mail, it will NOT vanish from your computer. It just means Microsoft will stop supporting it. They will stop updating it fixing it or otherwise tinkering with it.

Windows Essentials 2012 suite will reach end of support on January 10, 2017

As you may recall Windows XP had its support terminated a few years ago. I still see people using it.  It has not gone away, and Outlook Express is still around. There is no need to panic. It’s just time to weigh your options.

Here’s some options:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Mail (built in to Microsoft Windows 10)
  4. Web mail
  5. Zimbra?
  6. or… just keep using Windows Live Mail.

For now, any email address from Microsoft email systems such as,,,, or will not work with Windows Live Mail anymore.  There may be a way around the restriction by creating an IMAP account in your WLM. Just don’t chose the “automatic” settings. Instead, try the following settings:


Windows Live Mail still works with all the other IMAP/POP mail providers (specifically:; or; etc…)

The Right Click

Have you ever been confused about which button to press on your mouse?

For the most part, you go about your day clicking away on everything on your computer, the internet, your solitaire game and so on. That’s right. You go about your day as a happy-go-lucky “left” button clicker.

the-right-click-previewBut everything changes when you call for help with your computer and you get an instruction like: “Click here, click there, now right-click on that… and what follows is a something short of a Continue reading “The Right Click”