How to get out of FAKE virus infection


People. It is a waste of your time to call that number or any like it.

IT IS NOT TRUE. There is no problem with your computer.You have landed on a web page specifically designed to trick you into calling a Fake tech support professional. Who by a few magical clicks of the mouse, will “fix” your computer.

$600 and 2 hours later, after “they” make you feel afraid for your life, you will be angry. You will feel stupid and degraded once you find out you have been taken.

Save Yourself Some Frustration

The fix costs $0. Here it is:

1) hit the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] keys, all once.

2) Select “Task Manager” from the list.

Admin System Menu
3) Right-click on the name of your browser.
4) Left-click “End Task”

Close the task manager when the “warning” web page has closed.

Enjoy your computer.

Your next steps:

Friend, I wrote this quick tutorial for you because I am tired… no, tired is not the word. Angry! That’s the word.

I wrote this because I am angry that Overseas Tech Support Shops are using unethical business practices to drum up business.  Instead of providing value to their customers and building a relationship of trust first then asking for a value added transaction, they resort to taking them hostage and extort money from them.

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Removing Addresses from the Address Bar

Juan, how do I delete all of the addresses on my address bar? Thanks for you help! Minnie

I think this is the easiest question I have been asked yet. It is very easy to clear the addresses that have been collecting in the address bar each time you type a web address. In Internet Explorer click Tools, then Internet Options. You will find a button toward the bottom of the pop-up window that says “Clear History.” Click on it. You’ll get a confirmation message asking if you are sure. Click on “Yes” and you are done.

For Firefox users, Subscriber Red Southern wrote:
Just a quick note about the 1st Q & A in the March 17th issue. For those of us using Firefox, (which we much prefer), we had to go to Tools, Options, Privacy tab, Click on “Clear Browsing History Now” then click on OK. Note: When you click on OK, they are GONE.

A Better Internet Browser

header-firefoxBrowsing the Internet? You probably already know this but you need a program called a browser to do just that. Browse. What you probably did not know is that there are many flavors of browsers out there. And some are better at browsing than others. In this issue, I would like to tell you about my new favorite browser: Firefox.

Firefox is very versatile. It’s fast and you can get some great add-ons that will enhance it to be even better. Why am I talking about this now? There are just too many things I want to say about this program. I am so excited that I don’t know where to begin. Please bear with me as I babble a little.

I was a purist with Microsoft. Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) was my training ground into the Internet world. When I started building web pages, I chose an MS product, Front Page. Why not? Microsoft seems to be everywhere. Plus IE is free. But, then, I found something better, Firefox. Also free. I do not want to get into the software politics at all; I just want to spread a little praise to an underdog (for now.) Firefox’ slogan is “Spread Firefox” – so I am.

For starters, Firefox has better security features that IE. Firefox will not allow auto installers to take over your computer. Firefox is great at suppressing pop-ups. Firefox can help you handle your cookies better. You can even see what is in the cookies before you decide to delete or keep them. When you are browsing in a secure area, the address bar turns yellow and a lock clearly shows you are being protected by encryption.

Another cool thing about Firefox is the skins you can apply to it. Some may call them themes; I call them awesome. Download a few themes and personalize your browser. How excellent is that? Not only is a personalized theme pretty to look at, your browsing is optimal. Firefox is one browser that complies better with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standards than IE. In fact IE is being developed with known deficiencies in CSS.

Apparently no browser complies fully with CSS standards but Firefox does a better job any way. I found this out while trying to develop some websites that required some CSS tricks. Side by side, the same instructions did not work for IE as well as they worked for Firefox. I am sold.