Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Of all the Windows versions, Windows XP was my favorite. But, soon, Windows 7 took its place as my favorite. Windows 10 is new and it has already grown on me. I am guessing I will love it as much as XP and 7.

Win10aShould you upgrade to Windows 10?


You should upgrade to Windows 10

There are several reasons why. 1) It is free. 2) It is better than windows 8. But, what about Windows 8.1? Oh, let me explain.

Why do we need to discuss each individual version? No need. Otherwise we would be here all day, listing all the different version of windows: W7, W7 home, W7 pro, W7 starter, Service Pack 1, W… bla, bla, bla.

All we need to know is that Microsoft will give you an equal upgrade from Windows 7 and up, for free.

Win10bSo, if you have Windows Vista, you are out of luck. Buy yourself a new computer with Windows 10. New computers come with Windows 10 included so you don’t have to think that you are paying extra for it.

Of all the Windows versions, Windows XP was my favorite. But, soon, Windows 7 took its place as my favorite. Windows 10 is new and it has already grown on me. I am guessing I will love it as much as XP and 7.


What happens if I don’t get Windows 10 now?

There is no rush to get Windows 10. Nothing will change if you don’t upgrade now.

Will it be unavailable later or for sale and no longer free?

Microsoft has made this upgrade free for a limited time. The price is currently $119 if you do not take advantage of the “free” window of opportunity. The deadline to upgrade for free is July of 2016.

Will the system I have, 7, I think, stop working?

The operating system you have will not stop working. It will not go away just because you did not upgrade by the deadline. It just means you will have to pay for the software after the free window.

The operating system you have now (Any operating system, for that matter) will continue to work forever. At one point of time, Microsoft will stop supporting that particular operating system. Which means they will no longer create updates or fix problems with it.

But, flawed or otherwise, the operating system continues to work. Having an obsolete operating system means you are vulnerable to hackers and viruses without recourse but your own wit. This is very dangerous for online banking, emailing, Facebook, or anything related to the Internet.

Why does one change when the thing one has is good enough?

Again. Microsoft will continue to support an operating system for a specific period of time. After that, they will not.

But if you continue to use it and it works for you, it should last forever. You can do this safely if you take your computer offline – meaning do not use it on the internet. So email, surfing, online banking, etc. will not be possible. At this point, it becomes an offline word processor or gaming machine. Solitaire will work just fine.

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  1. after installing windows 10, I had so many ads that I couldn’t click on anything without a new ad coming up. I uninstalled because of that and so many of my apps did not come back. Also, one app that did come back will not update.

    1. The underlying issue is that you are infected with some sort of virus or worm that is making the ads pop up.
      Somehow you got this infection and the operating system that you used before windows 10 was suppressing (hiding) the virus. When you installed and upgraded to windows 10 the virus just became active because the conditions changed.
      Just reverting back to your previous operating system will not solve the problem. The infection is still there. The first thing that I suggest you do is to get your computer cleaned out then upgrade, or upgrade and clean it after you install windows 10.
      Windows 10 is not the problem.

  2. I have updated to windows 10. My child gets advent calendars from Jacquie Lawson every year but this year we get an error message “invalid application descriptor”. The internet help site says, ” to go to properties, click compatibility, unclick it and apply” that is suppose to fix the problem. HOWEVER, I can not find the properties place to do these things.

  3. Juan, after installing/upgrading to Windows 10, will have to reinstall all new printer drivers, plugin’s, etc?

    1. Some drivers will have to be reinstalled. But, that will depend on your type of printer and feature need.
      Someone with the basic need to print will not need to do anything extra to make their printer work. Someone with the need to scan and print in multiple formats might have to install additional software. This, by the way, is the same thing that would have had to be done in windows 7 and 8 too.
      Most printers that work with windows 7 or 8 will work with windows 10. That is one of the reasons Windows Vista is not able to upgrade to Windows 10 directly. Some older printers that had worked in Windows Vista will NOT work in Windows 7, 8, or 10.

  4. Custom Computer, where I Purchased my Lap Top some time ago, recommended not upgrading to Windows 10. Which is correct?

    1. Don, I have simply stated my opinion here. There are virtually an infinite number of opinions about this subject. Which opinion is right for you? That will depend on your specific situation. I like Windows 10, so for me the answer is yes.

  5. I would like to know if anyone else uploads to Picasa? I am having problems with the desktop. When I upload to Picasa web it says pictures cannot be found and I can’t find anyplace where I can change who gets to see the photos. No drop box. This is a new problem this month. BUT on laptop the drop box is there and I can still upload photos.
    I am thinking something must not have or did update on one of the computers but not the other. Has anyone else had this problem?
    So Juan I will call you about it after Christmas.

  6. I keep hearing that Microsoft will start charging an annual fee about a year after you upgrade to windows 10. Is that correct, bogus, or what? Thanks, Beverly

    1. Beverly, I have not heard such a thing. Windows 10 is an operating system that usually comes installed in a new computer. Typically, the price you pay for your new computer will cover the cost of the operating system.

      Microsoft is making W10 free to upgrade from a previous operating system is to get as many people using ONE operating system instead of three or four. That makes a lot of sense.

      Normally one would pay for an operating system upgrade, because it is a new product.

      Microsoft is not going to give away everything they own. They make money selling software and support. But a yearly fee for Windows 10 is not what I see.