Why Is My Email Bouncing?

Your email will be delivered successfully if it passes some basic tests. In reality, an email system is complex with hundreds of rules. In this article, I will explain the 5 basic tests an email must pass in order to be delivered to your inbox.

Email delivery path previewThe first test I would like to describe is whether the recipient actually exists. Is this email going to someone who has an email address here? If it is not, there is no need to continue with the rest of the tests. Reject the Continue reading “Why Is My Email Bouncing?”

How to Change Your CMOS Battery

What is a CMOS?

CMOS Battery inside a pcYou can read in more detail about that question here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMOS.

There are two major ideas behind CMOS. One refers to the circuitry that allows digital cameras to collect the light that produces the pictures taken. I will not be talking about that one today.

This topic is about how to replace the battery that keeps the CMOS in your computer working properly. Continue reading “How to Change Your CMOS Battery”