I am so excited, and why this is not for you

I am excited to be a part of an incredible opportunity to serve more of you than ever before.

Juan's excited about Total ProtectionIn the ten years that I have been in the North Olympic Peninsula I have learned that if you use a wood stove to keep warm you must have wood to burn. I have also learned that a tool such as an axe, is no match for a motorized wood splitter. Do you agree?  In other words, it’s the better fit, more advanced tool that allows you to do more. That is why I am so excited.

I am excited to have a new tool in my arsenal. A tool that leverages my 10+ years of higher education (okay, not all in one sitting!).  I did go to school for my field and excelled at it. I am talking about a tool that takes my $30,000 of education and makes it worth a million bucks.

My point is YOU are the beneficiary of my service, education, and experience. And that is why I am so excited!

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