The Right Click

Have you ever been confused about which button to press on your mouse?

For the most part, you go about your day clicking away on everything on your computer, the internet, your solitaire game and so on. That’s right. You go about your day as a happy-go-lucky “left” button clicker.

the-right-click-previewBut everything changes when you call for help with your computer and you get an instruction like: “Click here, click there, now right-click on that… and what follows is a something short of a Continue reading “The Right Click”

Two Tweaks To Avoid Email Scams

The Internet and Email are the most dangerous avenues for viruses and scams. I am going to show you a couple of ways to protect yourself from these threats via email.

The first one, is to hide the message reading pane; and the second one is to use the “to” column to verify the recipient of the email before you open it.

Windows Live Mail SampleDepending on your email client (the program you use to view your email) the settings should be similar to what I am about to describe. For this exercise I will use the Windows Live Mail program that comes with your windows Vista, 7, or 8.  If you have a different operating system and email client, leave me a message at bottom of this article and I will respond with a specific solution for your case. Continue reading “Two Tweaks To Avoid Email Scams”