How to get out of FAKE virus infection


People. It is a waste of your time to call that number or any like it.

IT IS NOT TRUE. There is no problem with your computer.You have landed on a web page specifically designed to trick you into calling a Fake tech support professional. Who by a few magical clicks of the mouse, will “fix” your computer.

$600 and 2 hours later, after “they” make you feel afraid for your life, you will be angry. You will feel stupid and degraded once you find out you have been taken.

Save Yourself Some Frustration

The fix costs $0. Here it is:

1) hit the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] keys, all once.

2) Select “Task Manager” from the list.

Admin System Menu
3) Right-click on the name of your browser.
4) Left-click “End Task”

Close the task manager when the “warning” web page has closed.

Enjoy your computer.

Your next steps:

Friend, I wrote this quick tutorial for you because I am tired… no, tired is not the word. Angry! That’s the word.

I wrote this because I am angry that Overseas Tech Support Shops are using unethical business practices to drum up business.  Instead of providing value to their customers and building a relationship of trust first then asking for a value added transaction, they resort to taking them hostage and extort money from them.

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8 responses to “How to get out of FAKE virus infection”

  1. Marilyn Avatar

    Thank you Juan. I’ve noted it for next time.

  2. Nick DeScala Avatar
    Nick DeScala

    That’s some of the best info ever. Thank you, I have fallen into this before. I wish I had a one way computer destruct button just for these guys.
    Thanks again.

  3. Kathy Gresli Avatar
    Kathy Gresli

    THANKS JUAN!! Your Info is always great!!

  4. Alan Gustafson Avatar
    Alan Gustafson

    Good advise. Lots of crooks out there working hard to steal peoples money. Thanks for the advise Juan. Al

  5. Ward Dunscomb Avatar
    Ward Dunscomb

    Always good advice from “Super Techie”. Juan, you are the best.

  6. Mike DeRousie Avatar
    Mike DeRousie

    Thank you Juan! you are awesome!

  7. this must be for windows? doesn’t do anything on my mac

    1. Click on the Apple menu, Select “force quit”, then force quit your Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or whatever browser you have frozen.

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