Windows Live Mail Support Ends Jan-17

wlmThe rumors are true… Microsoft will drop support for Windows Live Mail early next year. What does it mean for you? If you are using Windows Live Mail, it will NOT vanish from your computer. It just means Microsoft will stop supporting it. They will stop updating it fixing it or otherwise tinkering with it.

Windows Essentials 2012 suite will reach end of support on January 10, 2017

As you may recall Windows XP had its support terminated a few years ago. I still see people using it.  It has not gone away, and Outlook Express is still around. There is no need to panic. It’s just time to weigh your options.

Here’s some options:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Mail (built in to Microsoft Windows 10)
  4. Web mail
  5. Zimbra?
  6. or… just keep using Windows Live Mail.

For now, any email address from Microsoft email systems such as,,,, or will not work with Windows Live Mail anymore.  There may be a way around the restriction by creating an IMAP account in your WLM. Just don’t chose the “automatic” settings. Instead, try the following settings:


Windows Live Mail still works with all the other IMAP/POP mail providers (specifically:; or; etc…)

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  1. You are all overlooking the very real fact. Since WLM is EOL and no longer being updated End-of-support has a specific meaning in Microsoft-speak: no more security updates will be released for software that passes this milestone For those foolhardy to think just because their has not been a Security Breach YET …Exactly. Just look at the daily news cycle through 2017 – Cybersecurity is a “HUGE” issue. Move it or RISK Loosing it or EXPOSURE to some hacker who surely will target this platform at some point.

  2. Juan, I’m using where does that fall in regards to this info from Microsoft? Priscilla

    1. Gmail users are not affected at all…if: you are not using Windows Live Mail to manage your email. Just go to or and log in. This is not related at all to Microsoft…period.

  3. What about Sam and Me. We have both and and I think it is windows live mail. Do we need to do anything. or don’t worry about it. Heeeelp lol

    1. There are two types of email “clients:” Webmail; and an offline mail program like Outlook, or Thunderbird, or Windows live mail. If you are using WLM, you will have to do one of two things: 1) NOTHING, or 2)Find another program to manage your email. I don’t think you will be affected either way.

      This article just reports on an event that is really a non-issue. Don’t be afraid.

  4. Juan I’m To Dumb To Figure Out How To Set Up Another E-Mail Acc. Than The Windows Live Mail We Changed To. Please E-mail Me
    A Time For You To Enter My Computer and Change me To 10 Or Something Else. Thank You For All You Do For Me. Joni

  5. We are currently using Windows Live Mail with on Microsoft Windows 10 – soooo, we’re O.K.?

      1. Sure… Why not?

        Announcing that Windows Live Mail will not be supported by Microsoft is like saying: “Ford Motors is no longer going to make Pintos.” I bet that if you had a Ford Pinto, It would still work as long as you maintain it, change it’s oil, add gas, and keep air in the tires. The Ford Pinto did not disappear when Ford stopped making it or supporting it. It just ceased to exist when we stopped using it.

        1. Thanks Juan..I know this is probably driving you nuts, but I appreciate your help and input..Please forgive my befuddled brain…:):)