How to Keep Inbox 100 Percent Spam Free

There are 4 steps to keep your INBOX spam free.

In order to keep ALL spam out of the inbox you must think opposite to what seems logical. Most people think that by “blocking” the emails as the come in, it will stop the spammer from sending more.

Blocking someone only works if the person you are trying to block is a single user some one like you and me. Unfortunately, spammers don’t play fair.

Spammers are able to bypass authority by impersonation

They steal unsuspecting users email identities and send a massive spam payload once. And abandon it when it’s no longer usable. The next time you receive a spam message, it will be from a different email account. It will be random and unexpected. Blocking that email address also, becomes a futile exercise.

The answer is to reverse our thinking and allow only the approved emails and ignore the randomly sent junk mail.

Step 1: Identify Your Approved Senders List

The first thing you need to do is populate your contact list with people you trust. Then, make a list of other senders you trust. Those are email senders that are not necessarily your friends but other trusted senders. These senders are entities like banks, airlines, subscriptions to eZines, or newsletters.

Personal contacts include email address of people you know

friend @ hotmail . com
cousin @ gmail . com
joes . brother @ aol . com
Contacts should include the entire email address as formatted by the contact.

Active Subscriptions are those addresses you know and trust but not necessarily a person whom you communicate.

@ paypal . com
@ ebay . com
@ your . bank . com
These addresses do not need to be complete, but they can be in any of these formats:

someone @ somewhere . com
@ somewhere . com
. somewhere . com and
somewhere . com

There are other combinations and formats to make your filter more powerful. For this tutorial, they are not necessary.

Step 2: Filter or Sort the emails that come in

Then you activate the spam filter to allow only trusted senders to land in your inbox. All others are routed to the Junk folder.

All approved emails are moved to the INBOX

All OTHERS go to the JUNK folder

That eliminates 100 percent of the spam in your inbox.

Step 3: Visit the JUNK folder

This next step is important for that. Each day, open your junk folder and sanitize it. Rescue the exceptions. Sometimes wanted mail will land in the junk folder. The senders must be added to the approved senders list, and the email should be moved to the inbox.

Identify exceptions and move them to the INBOX

Delete the remainders

If that step is not followed regularly, you’ll end up using the junk folder as your inbox.

Step 4: Empty TRASH daily to avoid confusion

To make this manageable, one more crucial step must be made. The junk folder must be emptied often. I do this daily.

If you follow this plan, the sanitizing process should only take a few seconds per day.

Enjoy your spam free inbox.


Keep your inbox 100 percent SPAM free by thinking backwards. Instead of “blocking” junk email that lands in your inbox, and allow only the approved ones.

In other words, when you have a party, you make a list of the people you like to attend. You don’t make a list of all the “possible” party-crashers. You let those on the list in, and keep everyone else out. Think of your inbox like this.

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