How to get out of FAKE virus infection

I wrote this short tutorial because I am angry that Overseas Tech Support Shops are using unethical business practices to drum up business. Instead of providing value to their customers and building a relationship of trust first then asking for a value added transaction, they resort to taking them hostage and extort money from them.

Two Tweaks To Avoid Email Scams

The Internet and Email are the most dangerous avenues for viruses and scams. I am going to show you a couple of ways to protect yourself from these threats via email. The first one, is to hide the message reading pane; and the second one is to use the “to” column to verify the recipient …

How to recover from the CryptoLocker virus

The CryptoLocker virus encrypts all your personal files and throws away the key.  Unless you pay a hefty ransom, your files will be lost forever. This type of virus is known as “ransom-ware” and it spreads via email attachments. The most unusual thing about this virus is that if you pay the ransom, the creeps …

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