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A man stiffed out of $1300 by Microsoft Tech Support

I have already warned you about this scam.  Microsoft Tech Support will NOT call you because your computer is broken or infected. But unethical jerks who will pretend to be from Microsoft will.  And they will try to suck as much money off of you as possible.

Fake Microsoft Tech Call Scam in progress

“You’re calling me from where?”

Take this man. As the news reported, he was scammed out of $1300.  He himself thought it was a large sum that could potentially pay for two brand new computers.  Yet, he fell for the sweet talker on the other end of the phone call. Continue reading

OpenSSL what is it and why should you care?

Heartbleed emblemOpenSSL is an encryption method used by websites to provide security against prying eyes.

The problem is that someone found a flaw in the programming of a certain kind of SSL. The flaw allows crooks to peer into the working areas of the encryption process and extract important information from it, such as passwords, or other private information.

If you remember passing notes in class and getting caught by the teacher, you quickly learned to encrypt your messages.  You devised a way to change the meaning of your letters or words.  As an example, you might have changed the letter A to a C, the B to a D, C to a E, etc. Hello John would look like: Jgnnq Lqjp. Continue reading

Good-Bye Windows XP – I’m Going to Miss You

R.I.P Windows XP (8-25-2001 to 4-8-2014).

According to the History of Microsoft Windows from Wikipedia.org, Microsoft introduced Windows XP in the Fall of 2001 and it quickly became my new favorite.

As a consumer, Windows 98 was another favorite.  She was a lean operating system – very fast for her time and I was sad when Microsoft retired her in 2006.

Windows XP was the longest living operating system in Microsoft history.  At 87 and 1/2 years old in dog years, Windows XP will be put to sleep tomorrow, April 8.

RIP Windows XP (2001-2014)


What should we do now?

Windows XP is not going to disappear overnight.  It’s going to linger just as Win 98 did also. As the guards slowly retire or better said, graduate, XP will become less and less secure.

It is safe to say that change is inevitable.  You must jump ship.

AND THIS IS WHY: Continue reading

Magnify Your Screen to Read Fine Print

Windows Key + (Plus or Minus)

I learned this one trick just recently.  Use the magnifier to see the screen bigger.

Not to long ago one of my customers bought a new “big” screen TV to use as a monitor. His reason was to be able to read better.  Unfortunately, as the monitors got bigger, the pixels (light dots that make up the text and graphics) became smaller.  The tighter dots on the screen made text appear smaller. Continue reading