Do you want to make $$$ with your computer: I can show you how!

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Learn to make $$$$

All you need is a strong desire and a personal computer.  You can use a laptop or even an old typewriter.

Start by pressing and holding the SHIFT key.  Then with the opposite hand press the number 4 repeatedly. Now, you can make as many $$$$ as you like.

Other ways of making money

For real [get rich quick] money, all you have to do is become one of those Target hackers.  Can you imagine how much money they made in just a few days?

A few days ago The Home Depot announced that their online security had been compromised. This breach makes the number of compromised credit and debit card accounts pale in comparison to the Target fiasco late last year. The official word was that they were still investigating but would let their customers know as soon as they were sure.

So are you ready for the holidays?  It’s not too soon to start planning how you are going to do business with these high profile stores.

Target customers become the target.

In early January, Target said that as many as 70 million [additional] customers had been victimized.  The original 40 million [potential] victims were those who had bought something from one of their brick and mortar stores.

The type of information stolen was composed of credit card numbers and personal information embedded in the magnetic field of the card.

Tens of thousands of customers who used their credit or debit cards at Target stores were affected by a security breach.  Supposedly they were compromised by malware that was implanted in their Point of Sale machines.

Now how in the world does that happen?  Old fashioned cash registers have been replaced with modern POS registers.  These fancy POS machines are nothing more than a computer terminal programmed to accept payments and keep track of inventory sold.

Any personal computer can be used as a cash register. Nowadays even cell phones can become one of those fancy cash machines. They even make fancy credit card swipers for the smart phones.  I use one at the office to take payments.

Protect yourself and keep your money

So how should you react to all of these threats and how can you protect yourself?  Should you simply give up shopping?  Or simply give up using a credit/debit card?

Unfortunately, I do not see giving up shopping as a solution anyone would adopt.  And credit/debit card usage is such a big part of our modern life that giving them up would also be unfeasible.

Cash is a rare concept in modern times. But cash is the absolute answer.  With cash you can protect your identity because it is anonymous. No one will ask for your ID if you want to pay with cash.

But again, carrying cash is sometimes impractical. Large sums of money in your pocket or purse can be a bigger threat to your security. If you lose the money there is no recourse.

In my opinion, the best way to minimize the risk is to open a secondary checking account. Transfer enough money into it to do your shopping and refill it as the need arises. Use this secondary debit card for purchases on line or at Target stores. If it ever becomes compromised (as many have been) you can minimize the loss.

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  1. I favor a credit card over a debit card because the credit card company cancels any charges made by the thief. It is a nuisance however. I tried the second checking account idea but that was a nuisance too! I never used it once and finally cancelled it.

  2. Or use a card service that holds you harmless when hacked. They replace money and/or cards when compromised.

    1. There are re-loadable debit cards you can buy at many retail stores. I saw some at Rite Aid and at Walmart. Paying by PayPal online is a great way to protect your finances. Apple is coming out with “Apple Pay” that allows you to pay anonymously by using your iPhone.