Now that’s spooky!

I hear this question quite frequently: “My computer is infected, what do I do?”

What’s really scares me is the account that follows, “I let my friend try to fix it, now it’s even worse!”

I hope you are here to find ways to prevent such catastrophes.

My advice: don’t get infected, and don’t let your friend goof it up.

I happen to be a professional that is not faint of heart when it comes to computer trouble. I am like a doctor that is not afraid to look at your mysterious rash.

In case it hasn’t happened, follow my advice:

1) Get protected against computer viruses and intruders.
2) Backup your data often.
3) Do regular maintenance on you computer.

By doing these “simple” steps you’ll be sure to extend your computer’s life and have a happy one of your own.

I say “simple” in quotes because sometimes it is not as easy as it seems.  For that I am available to help.

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  1. What is happening? While responding to an internet class, the screen slowly comes down!
    Joan of Sequim

  2. Juan,
    You installed an AVG security and backup system on my computer last spring. The system backs up my C drive to an E drive installed in my computer. The computer is running well and so far I have not had any virus issues. I am not certain how you set up the backup frequency since it occurs automatically. Can I easily check it to see if it does a daily and weekly backup? Also should I get an external drive for further backup?

    1. Hi Dick, I am glad you have not had any virus issues.

      Having a redundant backup system is the best way to protect your data from this type of virus. So, an external hard drive would not hurt.

      I believe your backup is scheduled to happen daily. But I don’t remember. You can check you scheduler.