Removing Addresses from the Address Bar

Juan, how do I delete all of the addresses on my address bar? Thanks for you help! Minnie

I think this is the easiest question I have been asked yet. It is very easy to clear the addresses that have been collecting in the address bar each time you type a web address. In Internet Explorer click Tools, then Internet Options. You will find a button toward the bottom of the pop-up window that says “Clear History.” Click on it. You’ll get a confirmation message asking if you are sure. Click on “Yes” and you are done.

For Firefox users, Subscriber Red Southern wrote:
Just a quick note about the 1st Q & A in the March 17th issue. For those of us using Firefox, (which we much prefer), we had to go to Tools, Options, Privacy tab, Click on “Clear Browsing History Now” then click on OK. Note: When you click on OK, they are GONE.

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