Newsletter Episode 1301


  1. Fake tech support calls
  2. Is your PC running slow?
  3. Speed your computer without tools
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See-thru Juan's phoneCurrent scam to be aware of: Fake tech support calls

Recently, a large number of people have told me they received a call from Microsoft Tech Support.

They recounted the way this tech support proved their computer was broadcasting errors to the Internet.

A few hundred dollars later, the computer was magically “fixed.”

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How to recover from the CryptoLocker virus

scrambledThe CryptoLocker virus encrypts all your personal files and throws away the key.  Unless you pay a hefty ransom, your files will be lost forever.

This type of virus is known as “ransom-ware” and it spreads via email attachments.

The most unusual thing about this virus is that if you pay the ransom, the creeps will actually return the key. All your files will return to normal.

This tactic is beneficial to them because they can condition people to pay the ransom. Paying the ransom is a bad idea of course. Who knows when they’ll strike again asking for more money?

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Now that’s spooky!

I hear this question quite frequently: “My computer is infected, what do I do?”

What’s really scares me is the account that follows, “I let my friend try to fix it, now it’s even worse!”

I hope you are here to find ways to prevent such catastrophes.

My advice: don’t get infected, and don’t let your friend goof it up.

I happen to be a professional that is not faint of heart when it comes to computer trouble. I am like a doctor that is not afraid to look at your mysterious rash.

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How to Buy the Perfect Computer

When I bought my first computer, I had no idea what I was doing.  I did not know what a computer could do for me, or how much I should spend.  I now have many years of experience in the computer field.  Out of personal need and because many people have asked this question, I have developed a method for buying the perfect computer.

easy-buyFor you to purchase the “perfect computer” you must consider three distinct concepts: a budget or how much you can afford to spend; a function or what you expect to be able to do; and a package or what components you expect it to have. These concepts are not listed in any particular order because they depend on each other. Continue reading “How to Buy the Perfect Computer”