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  1. You should use this Christmas picture to replace the hat ones.

    How do I keep both my internet and printer active at the same time?

    1. Joan, it sounds as if your printer is a wifi printer. Is that correct?

      When you have a wifi printer it should connect to the network (router.) Once connected, it should be installed in your computer as a network printer.

      If it’s installed this way, your computer should have access to both, the internet and printer.

  2. Happy New Year Juan!

    I am also pretty non tech and I appreciated how patient Juan was in explaining the problems I was having with my computer which was “in a coma” due to a virus invasion. I was delighted to learn many helpful tips from Juan as worked away getting my computer back to life.

    Thank you Juan! And I signed up for your newsletter this morning as part of my resolve to continue to get a little more tech savy in this coming year! All the best to you and your family.

  3. I am pretty non tech. I do a little research, email, Facebook and a tiny bit of photos stuff. I heard about Juan on KONP Radio and I called.

    He is the King of PCs as far I am concerned. My laptop was all bogged down – got a lot of popups and I didn’t know what to do about them. I am signing up for his newsletter, I have friends who say it’s a must !! Thank you so much Juan. My computer is Working great now.