A man stiffed out of $1300 by Microsoft Tech Support

I have already warned you about this scam.  Microsoft Tech Support will NOT call you because your computer is broken or infected. But unethical jerks who will pretend to be from Microsoft will.  And they will try to suck as much money off of you as possible. Take this man. As the news reported, he […]

Good-Bye Windows XP – I’m Going to Miss You

R.I.P Windows XP (8-25-2001 to 4-8-2014). According to the History of Microsoft Windows from Wikipedia.org, Microsoft introduced Windows XP in the Fall of 2001 and it quickly became my new favorite. As a consumer, Windows 98 was another favorite.  She was a lean operating system – very fast for her time and I was sad […]

Internet Cookies: Are They Bad for Your Health?

If you are concerned with privacy over the Internet, you might have come across a concept we call a cookie. Many websites use cookies to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Others use them to track advertising performance and to pay commissions when a sale is generated. Either way, your privacy is safe. Allow me […]


I hear this question quite frequently: “My computer is infected, what do I do?” What’s really scares me is the account that follows, “I let my friend try to fix it, now it’s even worse!” I hope you are here to find ways to prevent such catastrophes. My advice: don’t get infected, and don’t let […]