Good-Bye Windows XP – I’m Going to Miss You

R.I.P Windows XP (8-25-2001 to 4-8-2014). According to the History of Microsoft Windows from, Microsoft introduced Windows XP in the Fall of 2001 and it quickly became my new favorite. As a consumer, Windows 98 was another favorite.  She was a lean operating system – very fast for her time and I was sad […]

Magnify Your Screen to Read Fine Print

I learned this one trick just recently.  Use the magnifier to see the screen bigger. Not to long ago one of my customers bought a new “big” screen TV to use as a monitor. His reason was to be able to read better.  Unfortunately, as the monitors got bigger, the pixels (light dots that make up the […]

Internet Cookies: Are They Bad for Your Health?

If you are concerned with privacy over the Internet, you might have come across a concept we call a cookie. Many websites use cookies to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Others use them to track advertising performance and to pay commissions when a sale is generated. Either way, your privacy is safe. Allow me […]