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Where is My Email Going? – Ask Juan Networks

Dear Juan, I have Windows XP and have Norton Internet Security. I can’t get e-mail from two separate people but they can get mine. Could it be a conflict with the security or something else? Thanks for the help.

C., There are several things that come to mind when I read you question. Immediately I am tempted to go through all the possibilities that are too many to explore in a quick question answer session. However, I would like to take you trough some troubleshooting techniques that might help you find the answer.

First, look at the obvious. Did you recently change email addresses and fail to update your two friends. When they reply to your messages, do the messages still fail to arrive?

Then, look at the not so obvious. Did you set up email rules that accidentally delete your friends’ messages? Do you have a super sensitive spam blocker? Are your friends getting Undeliverable messages from their email service? If they are, what does the message say? One thing about failed email is that it will bounce back if no one receives it.

Finally, take appropriate action to fix the problem. Go down the list and eliminate each possible roadblock. Start by the first question and do not continue until you have answered it adequately. Make sure they have the right spelling, etc. If you suspect your security software, turn it off for a few minutes and test your theory.

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