Volume Control Mystery

Question: The volume control that has always been on my taskbar, no longer shows up when I turn on my computer. I have gone to sound device and it is checked to be it the task bar. I tried unchecking it, apply, the checking it again, the apply. It will show up then. But when I turn off my computer the turn it back on, it is gone. I am running Windows XP. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Answer: It’s amazing. This just happened to me. I was as perplexed about this problem as you were. So I tried it and I did exactly as you did. But in my case, it worked. I was able to anchor it to my taskbar again. The only thing I did extra was to restart my computer immediately after. I have dealt with similar problems throughout my career with mysterious reoccurrences. I also noticed that whenever I fixed the problem, and did not restart the computer immediately, the problem was prone to come back. Try restarting, and if the problem comes back, we’ll explore it further.

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