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I use MS Explorer and Outlook to access the Internet. I view web pages with long documents that are difficult to read, as the script is too small. How can I increase the font/script size?

You are going to love this answer and great tip. In Internet Explore, Outlook, Outlook Express, Word, and YES – Firefox. Have the ability to increase or decrease the size of the font by holding the control key (CTRL) and moving your mouse wheel forward or backward.

I am sure it works in many other applications too. I challenge you to test it with all your apps and let me know for inclusion in the online version of this article.

Now, another plug for Firefox: The font size can be increased or decreased in the same way in Firefox. But, unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox keeps all the fonts in proportion with the surrounding fonts sizes. Internet Explorer does not treat all the fonts equally.

If the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules have specific font sizes Internet Explorer cannot change the font to the user’s liking. Firefox understands that the human reading the web page is more important and therefore allows the style to be changed to ones liking.

Also, if you do not have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can change your font sizes in Firefox by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the plus (+) sign to increase the size, Ctrl and the minus (-) sign to decrease it, and last Ctrl and the zero (0) to make it normal.

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Reader Comments

  • The tip regarding font sizes was just great—I sent it on to others in my family. It works in Excel also, but only in 15% jumps, and has helped me a lot. I haven’t tried it on any other applications yet, but will do so in Word. Firefox seems faster that Explorer, but for some reason when I look at archive pictures in Webshots, the titles don’t show whereas they do with Explorer???
  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the tips in your articles. I have only been on the internet less than a year and I am still learning. Your articles are helping me immensely. This one helped me a lot.  Pat Barrett
  • Just tried this tip, great one can’t wait to tell everyone at work. Judith

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