Requesting Blocked Emails

You can request a block report from our email system.

What is a block report? A block report is a list of emails that were blocked on your behalf for various reasons. If one of those emails is legitimate and you want it, you can get it delivered by a click of a button. (or a few easy steps as the case may be)

This is an experimental tool, however.  Please be advised that I will take some time to get used to it.  But you can always refer to this document for detailed instructions.

Some emails in the block report will not be available and you will have to request those from your sender(s) individually.

Step one – Request the report:
Step two – Get Report
Step three – Resend blocked email
Step four – Receive email

Step by step:

To request the report send an email to

Put a “number” in the subject line to represent the number of days to retrieve. For example, put a “1” for one day or “14” for two weeks.

You chose a number that is convenient for you. Do not include the quotes.

If you would like to receive this report on a regular basis do this:

In the subject line: put a “+1” for daily; a “+7” for weekly; etc. Again, do not include the quotes.

block-report_emailTo stop receiving regular reports, send a “-1” (minus 1) to stop the daily, etc.

Leave the body blank. Hit SEND and wait a few moments. After a little while, you will get an email from with the subject ASSP-Block-Report.

it will look something like this:

block-report1) You can see who sent it to you
2) You can see the reason it was rejected
3) AND if you want it delivered, you can request it by clicking “resend”


If you are using Zimbra as your email client, you must follow these instructions:

zimbra-request11) RIGHT-CLICK on the “resend” link

zimbra-request22) Select “New Mail” from the menu

zimbra-request33) Type something in the subject line
4) Click Send
5) Wait a few moments and click on “Get Mail”

The email you requested will be automatically resent to you.


If this has been helpful at all please leave a comment below.

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I will read every single comment. I promise.

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  1. was not confusing at all . Will need to check with a new friend before I request this service. Thank you . Marylan