Priority Computer Repair

$200 for SAME DAY* fixes.

  • This special service is available for people who have an immediate need. Bring your computer to us before 10AM and if will be repaired for your pickup by 6PM.

$175 for ONE DAY* fixes.

  • Special pricing for us to complete the project you have given us within 24 hours. For example, if work is requested by 3 pm on day 1, you will be able to pick it up by 2:59 pm next business day.

$150 for STANDARD* time fixes.

  • This price is available for standard work orders.  Your computer will be placed in the priority queue and fixed on a first come first served basis. Average delivery times: 2-3 business days.

* The fine print:

Pricing options do not guarantee delivery times.  All problems are not the same and may need additional hardware or testing that may delay delivery of work.

All work is performed on a first come first served basis.  SAME DAY, and ONE DAY pricing will only be charged at the customer’s request for urgency. We will do everything possible to deliver work within the time requested, including trumping lower priority work requests. The price will automatically drop to the next tier if the requested work is not completed within the time specified. Standard pricing applies to all work performed if it takes longer than 24 hours to complete, even if the customer requested faster service.

STANDARD time frame-work requests will be delivered faster than requested when possible.  Customers who request the standard service plan will only pay standard price even if work is delivered faster than agreed!

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