Privacy Policy

Your private information is safe with us!

Ask Juan Networks LLC will not sell or share any personal information about you to anyone, period.

Ask Juan Networks LLC collects certain personal information such as name, email addresses etc. in order to be able to communicate effectively with you.

We (AskJuan.NET) tailor the content of this website to make your experience more enjoyable and valuable.

We enforce this policy at this website and any other websites owned by Ask Juan Networks LLC.

Your private information is safe with us!

Affiliate Links

In order to provide value to our customers, Ask Juan Networks LLC has affiliate links to external commercial resources.  In addition to providing high value to you, it also provides advertising income to Ask Juan Networks LLC.

Our goal is to create high quality relationships with our customers and vendors.  However, Ask Juan Networks LLC does not control the use of personal information furnished by you to these external resources.

It is advisable to check any third parties’ private policy before you furnish any personal information.

Ask Juan Networks LLC is not responsible for the misuse of personal information you may have given to any advertiser whose link you followed from this website.


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