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Master Your PC Training and Coaching Program

I am about to launch my computer training coaching program, “Master Your PC – Even if you know nothing about your computer.”

I will be offering free online training to promote the program.

I need your help with one little thing…

Can you help me decide which of these topics is the most important? I realize they are all important and necessary. But, which of these would you rather see first?

Let me tell you why this is such a difficult decision for me. All topics I teach are IMPORTANT to me. Every time someone comes to me for help I think, “If you would only had known…” Here are some topics we can explore first… but, which one “first?”

Topic one, “How to buy a new computer”:

First, each time I speak with one of my clients, a question comes up that sparks my desire to teach that topic. For example: just the other day, a friend of mine came to me practically in tears that she had been “taken” on a purchase she made.

She told me her story. She wanted to surprise her son with a new laptop computer. She found the “perfect” deal on black Friday on Amazon. Unfortunately, her purchase was misrepresented and instead of getting a brand new computer she got a used computer that was about three years old.

I could have helped her to make a better decision with a quick training session on “how to buy a computer”. It’s a training I have done many times one-on-one very successfully. It teaches what to look for, how much to pay for, brands, tech specifications, etc.

Topic two, “How to craft strong AND memorable passwords”:

Secondly, another topic that comes up very often is the topic of “passwords”. It is not uncommon for someone to complain about how many different passwords he has to remember.

Passwords are sooo important. They are sooo necessary. They are sooo annoying. There are more tools to keep your passwords than you can shake a stick at. But, people keep stressing their stress about passwords.

I have a method to deal with passwords. I have taught this formula to many, many people who are no longer stressed about their passwords.

Topic three, “How to protect your computer by locking down your Inbox”

As a bonus to my current coaching clients, I have set up a way to deter SPAM in their inbox. As I do this, I teach them how it works. I believe this is a great teaching opportunity to keep my clients safe from rogue emails that could potentially infect their computer.

The question to you is, “Which one of these topics is the most appealing to you?” If you have a desire to learn all topics, then rank them from 1 to 3. Make 1 the first choice, 2 for the second, etc.

Ah, and don’t forget to sign up for the free training.

I will be teaching on the winning topic.