How to Set up Your or email account

You will need four pieces of information to set up your email account in any client*.

  1. The user id or user name is the entire email address. i.e. or etc.
  2. Your password is a 10 or more digit word that contains a CAPITAL, lower case letter, and a symbol. ($%^@& etc.)
  3. The mail servers for the INCOMING and OUTGOING are the same:, or
  4. The port numbers for POP3 are: INCOMING = 110 and the OUTGOING = 587
  5. (or) The port numbers for IMAP are: INCOMING = 143 and the OUTGOING = 587 – You can check and/or change the port numbers in the ADVANCED tab.

All fields are required even if your email client says it is optional. That’s it.

*An email client is a program such as; “Microsoft Outlook”: “Windows Live Mail”; “Mozilla Thunderbird”; “Apple Mail” etc…