Total Protection for your Computer

This service is an amazing way to keep track of the health of your computer. It allows me to update, maintain and even fix your computer proactively – before it breaks. Not to mention the already included Internet Security and Safety.

Put your updates and maintenance on autopilot. You no longer have to wonder what to update. You don’t have to guess if you are doing it properly or safely. I will take care of your computer. I promise!

Plans start at $25 per month and it includes Award Winning AVG Internet Security to protect your computer from viruses and intrusions.

This monthly service is perfect:

  • For people who are self-professed computer illiterates
  • For those who just want to save time and frustration
  • If you are trying to run a small business, even if it’s from home.

This is a sure way to keep your IT costs predictable. Starting at $25 per month, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and business continuity.

What can I do for you?

I can save you time.

Time savings can come in many forms. You can save time by doing things faster or better yet, not doing them at all. I can take the burden off of you by doing all required maintenance on your computer at an ongoing basis. This can free you to do other more important things like spend time with your family or take a vacation.

I can save you frustration.

Do you know what needs to be updated in your computer? I do. Not only do you not have to figure out what needs to be updated, but you will not fall prey to those additional toolbars and add-ons that slow your computer down. I call these programs junk-ware, and I will protect you from getting them.

I can save your relationships.

Most people I talk to refer to a family member as their tech support. Sometimes these family members stop coming to visit because they are immediately put to work on the family computer. Why not offload that task to me? I will not be offended when you ask for help with your computer. Your relatives will now show up to your reunion without feeling guilty for not helping you clean up your computer.

It will be a joy to serve you

I have three flexible plans available to provide Total Protection for your personal computer. For more information complete the form below and I will put a plan that fits your needs.

Don’t deny me the joy and pleasure of serving you. sign-up today!


For a personalized quote or to start a conversation, complete the following form:

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