Adding “approved senders” to whitelist [instructions]

There are 2 simple options to approve senders

  1. Send them an email.
    People to whom you send email are automatically added to the approved senders list.
  2. Send one or more to “whitelist @” (no spaces)
    Every email address in the “To:”, “Cc:”, “BCc”, Subject line or Body of the email will be automatically added to the approved senders list.

That’s it! Simple.

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  1. Hi Juan
    You stated that for me to get the email that were blocked they need to be on the “whitelist”. What about the people I give my business cards to and asking them to send information? I handing out my cards now not knowing that they are just not replying or blocked and not calling.
    Is there a way for me to check that blocked email to see if I know them Also Is there a way to know if the body of the email is ok to open?

    1. To clarify: The whitelist is only for people who have been blocked for reasons external to us. Read this article for a detailed explanation of how the (any email system) works:
      All other normal email (new or not) will go through the process. If the emails pass the test they will get through. If they don’t, they will be rejected and the sender will (if the care to) notify us or you by phone, or text, or facebook, or smoke signals, etc. There are instructions on how to contact me with every rejected email. We will handle those then.

  2. It’s NOT that simple! I have been missing emails from people with whom I don’t normally or very infrequently correspond, and whose email addresses I don’t know, but whose emails are important to me. Your “two simple options” don’t cover them. Some of them are people from whom I received emails in the past but now say they’re being returned or are just not getting here.

    1. I have placed instructions for those whose email gets returned to them, to contact me to add them to the approved senders list.
      I am repairing them as I receive them. You only have to add new ones or those who contact you in another way. Sending them an email you are automatically approving them.

      Your entire email contact list does NOT need to be sent to the approved senders list.

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